Sunday, February 21, 2010

A friend of mine suggested that I send in my graphics to, so tonight I send in this one:

It's pending approval, so I'll let you all know if it's up for voting once they (hopefully) approve it!

Wish me luck! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First post... ohhhh, the pressure!

Okay, well, and introduction is probably in order.

I'm Mary Hauser-Kropa and I make stuff.

I make prints (silkscreens mostly, but am learning how to do linocuts), mixed media sculpture, ceramics, photographs, graphics, cold-process soap, perfumes, poetry... and now a blog!

I graduated with my BA in Art History at Rutgers University in December 2007... since then, I've worked as an art intern at the Morris County Historical Society and helped with an historical art show there. I LOVE art history, but my true passion is to create art myself... which is why I'm going back to school to get a BFA. I feel like my background in art history helps me understand art past and present so that I can build on a tradition and look forward at the same time. I have a year before applying, so I'm working on getting my portfolio together!

I had a baby boy named Liam McGregor on December 30, 2009. He is truly amazing and inspires me every second of the day. I take care of him during the daytime and when my wonderful husband Jon comes home from work in the evening, we all hang out together in my studio while I work on my admissions portfolio.

My dad, Richard Hauser, passed away in 2004... he was a multi-talented artist who painted (mainly in oils), carved wooden sculptures, etched his own prints, and was just beginning to delve into digital art before his death. He was an animal lover (like myself) and did mostly representational pieces with animal/nature subjects. Since his death, I have been using his at-home studio and am STILL unearthing and organizing art supplies and tools that he had (sometimes never used). I may use different subject matter and ways of expressing myself, but my dad has always been my true inspiration since I was very little and drew pictures in his studio while he painted.

I hope he would be proud of my work and my decision to go for a BFA.

So I guess this blog will be all about:

My art and work on my portfolio

Museum and gallery trips I take

My experience learning new techniques - I can share them with you with photos and links

Art auction news that I come across

My adventures in excavating the many boxes of art supplies my dad had

Images of my dad's artwork as well

That's it, I guess. Until next time!